8 Reason Why This All-Natural Mood Calming Patch Is Perfect For High Energy Kids

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There's a new calming patch that's making parents smile. Developed by two Australian scientists, ZenPatch is a natural alternative that helps keep kids calm amidst the chaos. They originally made it for their own children, but here are 8 reasons you might just love it as much as they do.

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1. It Works… Naturally

Developed by scientists from Australia (who were also parents) ZenPatch uses proven science to help keep kids calm without heavy medications. 

Randomized, double-blinded trials have shown the calming effects of breathing in sweet orange essential oil aroma. And that’s exactly what ZenPatch uses.

ZenPatch helps calm even the most energetic child in aproven, natural way.

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2. Goes On Clothes, So Kids Don’t Get Irritated

Instead of ingesting something with side effects, or putting a patch directly on a child’s fragile skin, ZenPatch does something else.

It goes on a child’s clothes to avoid irritation and allergic reactions. The essential oils work naturally as the aroma is inhaled by your child.

ZenPatch helps protect your child’s skin and biology while also helping them relax.

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3. No Prescription Needed

ZenPatch works for 5 out of 6 children without any nasty side effects down the line. 

If you want to avoid your child being one of the millions currently on medication, you’re not alone.

With ZenPatch, your child can stay calm without a prescription.

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4. Backed By Science, Built By Parents

ZenPatch was designed by two Australian parents who were desperate for peace and quiet. 

As scientists, they understood how delicate kids’ bodies are. They used their knowledge to create a way to help children ditch the wiggles and help their parents have a moments’ peace.

The blend of oils in ZenPatch was formulated by scientists and then tested with their own kids before going into production.

ZenPatch was made with love by parents who really care.

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5. Kids Love How ZenPatch Looks

Children love the ZenPatch sticker designs! 

Your child can choose between cats, dogs, bunnies or even Koala bears. And, they put them on their clothes so cleaning up is easy.

Your kids will love ZenPAtch almost as much as you do!

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6. 8-Hours Of Peace

ZenPatch offers a better way to play.

Each patch works for 8 hours, perfect for preschool, a day home with mommy, a long church service or just about anything the day has in store.

With ZenPatch, you and your child will enjoy 8 hours calm.

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7. ZenPatch Works When You Need It

With a 6-month shelf life when stored correctly, ZenPatch is there when you need it.

Maybe your child doesn’t need one every day. Maybe you only use them once a week, or even once a month. ZenPatch stickers stay effective for up to 6 months, so you can store them without worrying they’ll go bad.

ZenPatch puts the calming power of essential oils in the palm of your hand whenever you and your child need them.

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8. ZenPatch Brings Peace Without Distance

Parents want to bond and interact with their children, not put them to sleep.

ZenPatch is the natural alternative for calm kids that lets you enjoy your time with them.

Plus when you choose the 3-pack option, ZenPatch is as little as 50 cents a day!

ZenPatch is an affordable way to enjoy a calm, peaceful child.

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