5 Reasons Why This Patch Is Perfect For Kids Who Struggle With New Challenges At School

Moms looking for a natural solution agree. This patch is a life-changer for kids!

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1. ZenPatch is kid-safe AND Natural

The number one question moms ask at LEAST once a day is, “is this safe for my child?

Well, the founder of ZenPatch designed them for his own kids!

Made to look like a sticker, ZenPatch is infused with natural essential oils like Sweet Orange, Mandarin, Atlas Cedarwood, and Lavender which help regulate stress and anxiety.

Plus, ZenPatch doesn’t rely on ingestion or skin-contact to work. Instead, Zenpatch diffuses its essential oils once placed on clothing.

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2. ZenPatch is prescription (and addiction!) free

Moms, finding a solution to your child’s stress at school can be hard. Especially if you’re trying to avoid the pharmaceutical route.

That’s why ZenPatch is prescription (and addiction) free. Each patch is infused with essential oils that naturally calm your child, all without the hassles of pills or side effects.

Just peel off the back, stick it on your child’s clothing, and ZenPatch will diffuse for up to eight hours!

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3. ZenPatches can help kids focus

Let’s face it, kids sometimes struggle to focus and remain calm at school.

Thankfully, science shows that sweet orange (which is in ZenPatch!) can help calm their little minds. In one study, the sweet orange diffusing in a middle school classroom resulted in increased joy, hope, and relaxation!

Plus, ZenPatch is proven to work on 5 out of 6 kids!

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4. Zen Patches even work on Moms!

The relationship moms and kids have is like nothing else. And while moms love to help their children talk through their big feelings, sometimes moms can get overwhelmed, too.

Good thing ZenPatch works on moms! Its calming effects help moms relax, preparing them to help their child overcome challenges in school and at home.

ZenPatch does more than calm a child – it allows moms and kids to connect and work through their big emotions.

One mom even says that she loves to let her daughter pick out the stickers they both get to wear each day.

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5. ZenPatch is a proven life-changer

With over 16,000 positive reviews and thousands of units sold, ZenPatch is a proven life-changer. Here’s what moms have to say about it:

“I was very skeptical at first but in just one day I saw a massive difference. My son went from being a tornado to a calm, happy and responsive child. He was a completely different person. I have used them for 1 week and in that whole time my son hasn’t had a single tantrum.”

- Sherri

“My 6yr old has a hard time focusing at school due to him being very hyper, even a simple trip to the shop or going out for dinner is something we avoided! But the patches have changed this. I put a patch on him for school and never told his teachers and asked how his behaviour had been (2 weeks) they wanted to know what I’d changed because he was a different child. 😍🥳”

- Ashlee L.
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