This Strange Aromatherapy Sticker All But Eliminates My Son’s Meltdowns, Anxiety, & Dysregulation In Less Than 30 Minutes (and It Lasts 8 Hours!)

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Works On 5 Out of 6 Children

“No lie, about 15-20 minutes later he’s a happy, calm, playful little dude…”

Mikey’s hyperactivity and “big emotions” started when he was a baby. He seemed to cry more often, need more soothing, and get more frustrated than my other children did.

The terrible twos were predictably terrible. Preschool was a nightmare. I constantly thought things like, “he’ll grow out of it,” or “surely his behavior will be better next year,” or “he just doesn’t get along with kids his age.”

The point is, with Mikey, I was always waiting to get over that hump.

After a particularly bad temper tantrum in the grocery store, I realized that my now 10-year old Mikey wasn’t growing out of it. And we needed help.

Our pediatrician suggested an elimination diet. Have you ever tried taking away a moody child’s comfort foods? It only led to more meltdowns.

Next, we tried vitamins and supplements. But Mikey agonized over swallowing them. He hated the taste of chewables. Taking pills just guaranteed an extra 1-hour meltdown every morning and evening. Mikey couldn’t take it, and neither could I.

I knew it was pointless to even try prescription medication. Not to mention I was afraid of the side-effects that medications can have.

Yes, Mikey’s temperament was disruptive to our family and at school. But I worried most about Mikey himself. He was exhausted by his emotions and it broke my heart that he called himself “dumb.”

I was stuck. Should I force Mikey to take some sort of medication? Or should I accept that Mikey’s life will always be hard and that he’ll always be a “handful”? It felt like no matter what, Mikey could never be happy and calm.

Can you relate?

Imagine this: a drug-free, zero side-effect solution that helps your child calm down in less than 30 minutes…and lasts for 8 hours!

What if your “active” child sat down to read a book? Or your meltdown-prone child lost a game…and didn’t have a fit? Or your anxious child didn’t worry so much?

Would that set your mind at ease, knowing that your child could regulate their emotions?

For me, the answer is 1000% yes!

After all my searching, I finally discovered a breakthrough that’s helping active, anxious, meltdown-prone children of all ages.

It’s finally possible to help your child regulate their emotions and manage their high energy – WITHOUT drugs of any kind. And it’s all thanks to the revolutionary nano-tech of ZenPatch.

What Is It?

ZenPatch is a mood-calming sticker that’s embedded with slow-release essential oils that are PROVEN to help anxiety and calm hyperactivity.

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And they’re easy to use.

All you do is place one of the stickers on your child’s clothing, close to their head. Most people put it on the collar or shoulder of their shirt, or on their cap.

Many parents describe their children as happy, calm, playful, and even compliant within 15-30 minutes of wearing ZenPatch.

And when I first read about ZenPatch online, I was very skeptical. A magic sticker? Please!

But the more reviews I read, the more hopeful I became. Because parents, grandparents, and teachers were describing shocking improvements in their children’s lives. So I figured it was worth a try.

But first, some facts about ZenPatch:

  • ZenPatch doesn’t use any medicine, so no toxins or drugs are involved
  • The slow-release essential oils are 100% safe to use daily, with zero known side-effects
  • The patch is used on clothing, so there’s zero risk of skin reactions or sensory problems
  • And ZenPatch ingredients have been clinically tested and proven to help with multiple challenges

How Does It Work?

ZenPatch helps kids calm their emotions and energy by going straight to the source of dysregulation: the limbic system.

See, the limbic system controls behavior and emotions.

When ZenPatch triggers receptors in the nose, those receptors send a calming message from the nervous system to the limbic system. And that’s how kids feel calmer, more relaxed, and better behaved just minutes after they put on a ZenPatch!

The secret behind ZenPatch is a technology called “AromaWeaveTM.”

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Made out of a biodegradable bamboo-based fiber

The sticker itself is made out of a biodegradable bamboo-based fiber. The way that the oils are embedded in the bamboo fibers allows it to steadily diffuse the scent for a controlled, long-lasting result.

ZenPatch is designed to release a special blend of calming oils over a period of 8 hours.

What’s Inside of ZenPatch?

First off, Sweet Orange Oil, aka Citrus Sinensis, has been proven to help anxiety and stress when it’s inhaled.

So Sweet Orange Oil is one of the main oils in ZenPatch. In addition, it includes a proprietary blend of oils including Mandarin, Lavender, and Atlas Cedarwood.

Who is ZenPatch Good For?

Honestly, ZenPatch works for anyone! Because we all get stressed and anxious from time to time. However, when you look at the reviews, ZenPatch is most often used for:

  • Children who have difficulty behaving or sitting still at school
  • Kids and teens with ADHD or excess energy
  • Children with trouble focusing
  • Cranky kids who have frequent meltdowns or tantrums
  • Worried, anxious children
  • Kids who take medication, and have an afternoon “dropoff” from the medication
  • Kids or teens with “big emotions” or mood swings
  • Kids or teens with difficulties related to Autism

When Mikey first started wearing ZenPatch, I noticed within about 15-20 minutes that he wasn’t on edge. He was a better listener and he wouldn’t jump to conclusions or “fly off the handle.”

The best part is that he just seems more at peace within himself – more regulated.

And lots of other parents have a similar experience. When you put a ZenPatch on your kiddo, you kind of feel the tension melt out of the room – it’s like your kid is finally able to exhale.

Long-Lasting Regulation That’s Science-Backed

  • What Else I Love About ZenPatch
  • Kids Love to Wear It – Mikey had a lot of anxiety swallowing supplements and pills. But there’s no fight to get him to put on a ZenPatch!

  • It’s Zero Side Effect – I was worried about the side effects of medications. But with ZenPatch, there are no known side effects.

  • It’s Completely Natural – what could be more natural than a biodegradable bamboo sticker with essential oils?

  • It Lasts a Long Time – just one patch lasts for 8 whole hours.

  • It’s Portable – fits in a wallet, backpack, or purse for easy

  • It’s Great for Travel – completely TSA-safe and great for nervous travelers.

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ZenPatch is making a name for itself – it’s already sold over 250k+ packages. And parents are sending in rave reviews about how ZenPatch has helped their children be the best versions of themselves.

People are thrilled at how well ZenPatch works. And they’re shocked by how easy it is to use!

Both science and the user reviews show how effective ZenPatch is. Add to that the fact that it’s all-natural, effortless to use, and has ZERO side effects…why not give ZenPatch a try?

Anyhow – ZenPatch also has a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you don’t like it you can return it within 30 days.

If your child has trouble staying clam, I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to try it!

Join the over 250k+ ZenPatch users who are seeing their calm, happy child reemerge.


ZenPatch is gaining even more momentum online. The company is currently manufacturing another run of the patches because stocks are getting low. So if you want to try ZenPatch, I recommend you order as soon as possible.

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