7 Reasons The ZenPatch Is Every Mom’s New Best Friend

These really help my 5 year old. He calls them his “happy stickers” and wears one every day. I notice it calms him and his anxiousness – Beth


With over 16,000 5 star reviews, those who have tried ZenPatch swear by it because it works!

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1. Supports And Stabilizes Moods For Kids (And Adults)

The ZenPatch Mood Calming Stickers provide 100% all natural mood support for kids. . . and adults.

These stickers use a unique blend of essential oils that help keep kids calm.

Say goodbye to tantrums. Say goodbye to not knowing which child wakes up in the morning – Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. No more struggling though the witching hours.

Just imagine a day when big emotions are no longer impossible to manage. Just a steady mood ALL DAY.

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2. Helps To Relieve Social Anxiousness

Let’s face it, making friends is never easy.

Social anxiety is normal for everyone, and it is no different for kids.

In fact, it might even be harder for them. It’s difficult navigating all the different personality types kids experience in school and sports.

That is why ZenPatch is so helpful. Its uniquely formulated ingredients help calm the nervous system. This allows kids to navigate the world around them – without all the added stress. Kids are able to interact more naturally with their peers and engage with the world around them.

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3. No More Bad Reports Coming Home

Sitting still is a skill most kids have trouble mastering while they’re young.

Then there is the playground. That is where problems with excitement, over excitement, and impulse control come in. It’s extremely difficult for some kids to “keep it all together” all day.

ZenPatch can help your child chill out and relax. It helps them regulate their emotions AND their energy. This enables them to perform better socially, emotionally and academically.

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4. No More Bedtime Struggles

Bedtime can be a nightmare for many parents. After a long and stressful day at work, the last thing anyone wants to do is fight to get their kids to bed. Bedtime can be more work than even work.

But we all know how important adequate sleep is to the overall health and wellbeing of children.

That is where ZenPatch comes in. It actually supports a healthy bedtime routine! In fact, many parents incorporate it into the routine itself.

Give a rambunctious child a sticker before starting their regular routine, then allow the Zenpatch to work its magic. Before long, everyone has calmed down and is ready to settle in for the night.

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5. All Natural, Science Backed, Ingredients

There are sooo many options out there when it comes to essential oils. It can be overwhelming for parents trying to figure out which oils to use and when.

Zenpatch has gone through all the scientific research for you. They formulated their patches with oils that have been proven to work. Oils such as:

  • Mandarin Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Sweet Orange Oil
  • Atlas Cedarwood

These oils have been clinically proven to have anxiolytic effects – that means that they help reduce anxiousness. Their calming effects on the nervous system allow children to relax and balance their emotions. Letting both of you get back to life.

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6. Works Fast And Lasts Long

The ZenPatch starts working in as little as 30 minutes. And, it lasts ALL DAY. That’s right, a full 8 hours.

You see, it’s made with a unique nanomaterial that releases the oils slowly. They won’t wear off in a few minutes like topical oils do.

And unlike prescription medication, there is no trip to the nurse for “more meds” halfway through the school day.

Place one sticker on clothing near the head, and the results last the entire school day.

Plus, the ziplock resealable bag keeps the stickers fresh for 6 months! So even if your child doesn’t need a ZenPatch every day, it will be there, ready to work, when they do need one.

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7. Kid Friendly Design That Everyone Will Love!

No kid wants to stand out. And no parent wants their child to suffer from the stigma of being different.

The great thing about ZenPatch is its kid-friendly design. No one will be able to tell that it is anything but a sticker.

And because it is a sticker, it goes right on their clothes, there is nothing to reapply later in the day. There is nothing to get lost in their backpacks. And there is
no irritating oil that could possibly get into their eyes.

It’s 100% all-natural mood support that you and your child will love.

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