7 Reasons why the
SleepyPatch is a
game-changer for your
kids and their sleep

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By Alyssa Enneking
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As a parent, it's heartbreaking to see your child struggle with sleep. Whether they’re worried or experiencing anxiety, or finding it hard to wind down and get ready for bed, a lack of sleep can have a huge impact on your child's wellbeing and development.

Here are seven reasons why the SleepyPatch is a game-changer for your kids and their sleep:

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#1. Reduce worry and anxiety

The SleepyPatch's blend of natural essential oils, including lavender and chamomile, is known for its calming properties. This can help reduce feelings of worry and anxiety that may be keeping your child up at night

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My son, who is on the spectrum and struggles with anxiety, finds great comfort in the Sleepy patches. He asks for the ‘sleep patches’ when anxious to help him fall asleep. He enjoys choosing them himself.

– Jessica verify icon Verified Buyer

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#2. Works like magic

The SleepyPatch has been described by many parents as a "miracle" solution for their child's sleep issues. In just 15-30 minutes, the relaxing aroma of the patch can help your child drift off to sleep peacefully and stay asleep throughout the night.

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Bought these patches for my 9-year-old grandson with autism. They’ve significantly improved his sleep without relying on melatonin.

– LL verify icon Verified Buyer

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#3. Helps establish a bedtime routine

The SleepyPatch helps your child establish a consistent bedtime routine. Simply apply the patch to your child's pajamas, pillow, or bedhead, and let the natural oils work their magic.

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Initially skeptical, I’m thrilled with the sleepy patches for our 3-year-old son. They’ve calmed our difficult bedtime routine, especially with his 8-year-old brother who has autism. The patches work wonders, creating a peaceful bedtime environment.

– Rachel verify icon Verified Buyer

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#4. Reduces tossing and turning

Many parents report that their child no longer tosses and turns throughout the night after using the SleepyPatch. This can lead to a deeper, more restful sleep for your child.

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The ‘sleepy stickers’ are a hit with my kids, ages 7 and 9. They help them settle on restless nights. I appreciate this drug-free alternative to melatonin, and have stocked up due to their effectiveness.

– Aiden verify icon Verified Buyer

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#5. And it helps parents sleep better too!

When your child is sleeping soundly, you can finally get the rest you need as well. The SleepyPatch has transformed bedtime for many families, allowing everyone to wake up feeling happier and more refreshed.

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These Sleepy Patches are miraculous. Struggling with sleep since becoming a mother, these patches have gradually increased my sleep duration, offering me a renewed sense of well-being. Exceptional customer service from Carolyn and Michael at NATPAT.

– Elenar verify icon Verified Buyer

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#6. Can be used for nightly wake-ups

If your child wakes up in the middle of the night, the SleepyPatch can help them get back to sleep quickly and easily. The calming aroma of the patch can help soothe them back to sleep, without causing any drowsiness or side effects. Plus, they’ll wake up happy and refreshed after a great sleep.

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My nearly 2-year-old daughter’s sleep has drastically improved with these stickers. She used to wake up multiple times a night, but now sleeps much better, which has changed our lives for the better.

– Liam verify icon Verified Buyer

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#7. Recommended by thousands of happy parents

The NATPAT line of patches, including the SleepyPatch, is recommended by thousands of satisfied parents across Australia. You can trust that this natural, safe, and effective solution is worth trying for your child's sleep issues.

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The sleepy patches are indispensable for our family. Consistently high quality and prompt delivery, they’ve been a game-changer in helping our son fall asleep, something he struggled with before we found these patches.

– Rachel verify icon Verified Buyer

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